Is Your Business Being Controlled by Big Tech?

If you are trying to build a business that is free of censorship and stifling requirements by tech service providers, I can help. Online service providers are supposed to support your business, not tell you how to run it.

I can show you how to:

  • Move away from a total dependency on Microsoft Windows or Apple OS
  • Exchange money online with something other than PayPal
  • Make use of new and powerful Facebook and YouTube alternatives
  • Set up your browsers in a way that your business actions are not being recorded
  • Avoid being watched by Google
  • Use a browser alternative that doesn’t track you through ads
  • Build on an a website platform that will allow you do do more of what what you want
  • Use email alternatives that don’t throw away messages like gmail or Outlook mail do.
  • More…

Let me help you find a way to get out of the big tech matrix. There are ways to get around the control that big tech is using against small businesses.

If you would like to discuss your needs with me, let me know by contacting me by email at: